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Guardianship of an Incapacitated Adult

In Texas, a court may appointment a guardian for a fully or partially incapacitated person.  A court may order a limited guardianship, recognizing the ward has some but not all capacities for decision-making and attending to the person’s well-being.  Alternatively a court may order that the appointed guardian be completely responsible for the ward’s person and estate.

Guiding you through the guardianship process

The responsible guardian’s duties for a guardianship may include the following tasks:

  • Filing an application for guardianship with the proper probate court
  • Seeking appointment of an attorney ad litem for the proposed ward
  • Arranging for the ward’s examination and securing a Physicians Certificate of Medical Examination
  • Receiving court approval as guardian
  • Identifying, assembling and protecting the ward’s assets
  • Closing and opening bank accounts
  • Collecting amounts owed the guardianship estate
  • Paying current and delinquent taxes
  • Paying creditors and claimants
  • Hiring experts, when appropriate
  • Valuing, managing and preserving the guardianship estate

I guide clients through the guardianship process, as efficiently, quickly and easily as possible.

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